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The advent celebration last night was a very special event, everyone was in awe about walking the spiral and the special heartwarming feeling that it brought. The children did so well walking with their candles and placing them at their chosen place in the spiral. The moon was shining and the candlelight glistened. The mood was carried by Sarah’s guitar accompaniment and the wonderful voices singing Christmas songs filled the air.

One of the  families showed us the traditional lighting of the Menorah with verses and songs. It was a special moment in time.

The atmosphere was very reverential, and everyone left with a warm feeling inside.


We brought light into the darkness walking with our magical lantern light. It was very special to be accompanied by a beautiful guitar this year. “Laterne, Laterne, Sonne Mond und Sterne, brenne auf mein Licht, brenne auf mein Licht, aber nur meine liebe Laterne nicht….” 






It was heartwarming seeing the children so beautifully playing the St. Martin story with St. Martin, the beggar and the horse. Learning that with kindness, care and love, we can bring light and hope to the less fortunate. 








Everyone had fun crafting their lanterns, learning the lantern songs and baking yummy Weckmaenner treats.


Field Trip to Underwood Family Farms 

An amazing outing for each child to collect pumpkins and to learn how they are grown.

Making Delicious Pumpkin Soup


The children are learning how to wash and cut vegetables and how to stir the soup, so that they can have a wholesome experience from harvesting to eating.




Crafting Halloween Creatures


…is the most fun!



Be Enchanted on Halloween at Tivoli

Fairies and mystical enchantment is the magic that the world needs. An enchanted evening with beautiful music and dance, love and caring for the world and its beings , offers precious moments in time for the whole family.



The kids were wrapped in the first theme of the school year: APPLES.

It was all about: apple stories, apple movement circles, apple cake, apple sauce and apple tree paintings. The children at Tivoli were painting what they experienced during circle time. A part of our “apple circle” you can find right in their paintings! With an apple tree, baskets and harvesting farmers! 










The children created all together a big apple tree and used foot prints as leaves, squishy foam prints as apples and a strong brown stem painted with big brushes.


This year we’ve had quite a few youngsters starting here at Tivoli. Since we are a Waldorf-inspired preschool, we offer the same warmth, support and love as they would have at home, so transitions are easier. With that said, the children still have to learn to be without their parents and are getting used to the rhythm here at Tivoli. We acknowledge and support the feelings that the children have and with care and love we help them to move through those feelings.


BIBABUTZEMANN is welcoming everyone back to Tivoli! 

I hope you all had a wonderful vacation time.

The new school year started well. Everyone is getting into the daily and weekly Tivoli rhythm and we all are getting to know each other. The new children are adjusting and the older ones are very helpful in the process to support the new and younger ones.

We are looking forward to the new year with all of the planned activities, field trips and festivals.

We will update you on all of our exciting and fun activities: so stay posted!


Our Father’s Day celebration was so much fun! We all got a tour of Fire Station #5 in Santa Monica and even got to see them get a call and go out to put out a fire!







After our station visit, we went on a picnic at Cloverfield Park. We showered them with a special verse, cupcakes, kale salad and bread that we made right here at Tivoli! Everyone enjoyed the food made with love from the children. After our picnic, the children played tug of war with the dads and the teachers.







As a special surprise, the children also made Father’s Day cards. We made a special trip to the mailbox to make sure our cards were delivered by Sunday.


Traditions are important to keep and hold dearly. The Maydance around the Maypole, at our Mayfair at Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool, is one of those. It carries us thought the year and brings us joy and reference for the seasons! AND many happy memories!


To honor our Tivoli Mamas the children backed cakes, made kale salad, pressed oranges for Mimosas and served tea. The Mamas were so excited to be spoiled by their children. They also learned a beautiful Mother’s day verse, made flower pots and decorated stone hearts. We are all grateful to have our Mamas around to celebrate.


We had a wonderful Easter celebration this year at the new location. Everyone was involved even the Mamas and Papas were joining in the egg walk and loved the  reverential feeling at the puppet theater show called ” Der Ostermond”. We had a magical easter bunny come and visit to lay special treats in the children’s handmade/grown spring baskets. Even the eggs, from our chickens Bobbie and Frida,  got painted and placed in the baskets for the children. It was truly a beautiful surprise for everyone and we had so much fun!