Festivals offer a sense of belonging to a community. They are based on cultural topics and pass on traditions to the next generations. Celebrating festivals guides a community through the year and emphasizes on the different seasons. They bring families closer together and serve as a pillar in the child’s early years.

Tivoli celebrates the festivals of the seasons throughout the year. Most of these events are based on the German culture and traditions. But we also celebrate festivals such as Halloween.

It has become tradition to celebrate some of our festivals with the greater community. We always love to open our doors and welcome new families of every ethnic and religious background to celebrate these special events together.
Festivals according our curriculum are:

  • Enchanted Halloween
  • Lanternwalk / St. Martin
  • St. Nikolaus
  • Fasching
  • Easter
  • Mayfair

“Festivals!!! We love them!
I never imagined that my kids could grow up with the same traditions I had as a child! This is what I so love about Tivoli!”
Thamar and Sebastian Linnemayr, Parents at Tivoli.