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We had a wonderful Valentine’s celebration. In anticipation the children were making beautiful cards for their loved ones and learned a Valentine’s verse. We also talked about mindfulness and how to care for people who are less fortunate than we are. The parents were thrilled to get roses and big hugs.



Tivoli is bringing winter fun to Los Angeles with cutting snowflakes, crafting showmen, and making a family of snow people.


Christmas fun at Tivoli, preparing for Sankt Nikolaus to arrive. Baking, crafting, and celebrating Advent, lighting the Advent wreath candles, one Sunday at a time, until all four candles are lit and Christmas is here.


Our lantern walk this year was in the Culver City neighborhood where all the neighbors really appreciated us bringing light into the darkness. The children had fun playing out the St. Martins story with a horse, a beggar, and St. Martin.

We also had yummy “Weckermaenner” as a traditional treat.


The fairy delighted us with a visit for Halloween. Click here to see the fairy singing and dancing.


Pumpkin fun at Tivoli, spiders and webs, feeding Scooter, our neighborhood turtle,  painting the pumpkins orange, and our squirrel visitor sneaking a drink.


Welcome back to the new Tivoli school year. We are happy to wave hello to everyone with our buttoned hello hands.  



We celebrated Tivoli fathers at the park with special Father’s Day verses and dancing in the circle. The dads loved it. It was the first time in a long time that we could see the smiles on their faces, because the mask requirement was lifted just the day before. The children decorated special lunch bags with hand and foot prints and filled the yummy lunch bags with apples and pretzel sandwiches, made by the children.


We had a wonderful Mothers Day celebration at Tellefson Park.  


Tivoli moved to a new home in Culver City. The children helped to move the play structure. And the parents did an amazing job moving every little part of our beloved school.