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Tivoli’s papas got a special treat to be with their children at the fire station and to enjoy all the activities there. They even witnessed an emergency call for the Firemen to get ready and drive out. And they got lots of love from their children afterwards.


Easter fun at Tivoli, even the dads had a good time. So much laughter and joy, and der Osterhase brought a special treat.


The children shared their love with each other and their parents on Valentine’s Day. They had crafted beautiful cards and the day was full of love all around.


Fasching is a very happy celebration in Germany as well as in Los Angeles. Dressing up and dancing the RUCKY-ZUCKY and the POLONAISE is the tradition as well as eating Berliner. The fun was to dress up and celebrating together.


Thank you to one of our parents who came to share with us all of the rituals they celebrate for the Lunar/Chinese New Year. We danced with a dragon, crafted and received special treats. It was a very special day.


The Christmas celebration was very intimate and our visitor was joyful and special. The children and parents had a wonderful time singing German Christmas carols and reciting verses. They received kind words from Sankt Nikolaus and special German treats. This year it was very contemplative and cozy. 


Again we had a wonderful sharing of our lantern light in the darkness. We walked at Carlson Park in Culver City, a lovely little intimate park. The Sankt Martin’s play was performed by the enrolled and Tivoli alumni children. The “Weckmaenner” tasted yummy and all the parents were reminded of their childhoods. The children this week were also very thankful for their families and created a card with rubbed leaves.


Our Enchanted Halloween celebration was a great event again. The children were in awe of the beautiful dancing fairy and loved the treasures they received.


We had a great field trip to Underwood Farms, harvesting pumpkins, riding in a tractor, and having a great time together.


September has arrived and everything that goes with it. The children have enjoyed harvesting figs, making “Apfelkuchen” and painting apple trees.