In a constantly changing world we need to provide a peaceful environment and loving guidance to our children, so they can grow into mindful, caring, and connected people!
Ilka Sternberger, Founder and Director of Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool

Our philosophy is a combination of seeing each child as a whole person and nurturing each child in his/her stage of development. We believe in a play-based and developmentally oriented environment where children are able to explore who they are and what they can do according to their own capabilities. “Limits are vital to young children! Absolutely vital. Setting a limit with your child is a form of love, of assistance, and insures the safety of all.” Non judgmental limit setting by Patty Wipfler (Hand in hand parenting) It is important to us to teach each child the value of mindful listening and encourage them to resolve any conflicts with one another in a non-violent way. We practice a non-judgmental limit setting approach, seeing the truth and wholeness in every child while guiding them in a respectful way.

Children are held in a daily rhythm, which gives them the stability to ever imaginative explorations and creative thinking.  It is our highest endevor to  support, imagine, celebrate and embrace the beautiful and magical dream known as childhood. Besides nature outdoor play, children will be involved in seasonal stories and poems, singing, crafts, cooking, gardening, painting, music, and movement.
Our small class sizes, and four to one teacher ratio allows us to spend high quality time with each child.

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings, who are able of themselves to impart purpose and meaning to their lives.
Rudolf Steiner

Speaking the German language is a big component of our daily rhythm. It has been proven, that the best age to learn a language easily is during early childhood. Tivoli incorporates language and makes it easy for children to learn through activities in their daily routine. Our vision is to create a platform for German speaking families to sustain their heritage within the next generation by teaching their children the German language and culture in a playful environment.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Albert Einstein


We like to see each other as a multicultural community celebrating the important things in live, raising our children in a meaningful way, while staying connected to ourselves and supporting each other.  We believe that through celebrating traditional festivals, the culture and the honoring of our heritage stays alive and well.

We offer ongoing parent education workshops and lectures.

Tivoli is a great community of wonderfully engaged parents around a preschool with a concept focused on the children’s connectedness to themselves, each other as well as nature and the turn of the seasons.”
Chris Wait, parent at Tivoli