We had a wonderful Mothers Day celebration at Tellefson Park.  


Tivoli moved to a new home in Culver City. The children helped to move the play structure. And the parents did an amazing job moving every little part of our beloved school.


A fun time was had by all at our Easter celebration. Children and parents did the bunny sack hop and the egg balancing walk. What a surprise–the Easter Bunny hid the Easter baskets with little chickees and Easter eggs in the grass under the trees.




The children also painted Easter eggs that were hung on the Tivoli Easter tree.




A good time was had by the children on Fasching. Even in the pandemic we celebrate, with dressing up, eating “Berliner”, crafting Fashing’s hats, and dancing “Rucky Zucky”. Hellau and Alaf!


We celebrated Valentine’s Day with baking yummy cookies and sharing thoughtful Valentine gifts at circle time. In the afternoon the families met in the park (with masks and social distance) and the children performed a Valentine’s verse for their family and the whole community danced a loving kindness dance. It was a spreading-the-love kind of day.


We had lots of sun in January, but Tivoli still feels like winter, thanks to our snowmen. The children had loads of fun making them out of pumpkins. They painted the bodies white and decorated them.


December is always a fun month to keep the holiday spirit alive. Waiting for Sankt Nikolaus and the Christkind to arrive with baking, decorating, crafting, singing Weihnachtslieder. 

Der Nikolaus kam auch vorbei!














































We brought light into the darkness walking with our magical lantern light. Happy Saint Martin’s Day! This was a very special gathering at the time of the year when the days are shorter and the nights are longer. Especially this year we want want to share Light, Love and Kindness.

Just as Saint Martin did, when he shared his cloak with the beggar. The children loved playing the story of Saint Martin in the park. Thank you all for walking and singing with us!














This year , due to COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, we celebrated “Enchanted Halloween” a bit different. We had a performance in front of the Tivoli house with the audience social distanced and mask wearing. Still the fairy brought us enchanted moments away from the daily worries.

The children had a wonderful time: being in awe of the moment.



Our children were greeted by our director Ilka Sternberger, abiding COVID regulations and wearing a mask. Children and parents happily followed the guidelines. The first days were all about getting to know the rhythm of Tivoli and meeting everyone. Bobby, our chicken was very excited to be fed by the children again. And all the fairy houses were visited again.

Children were crafting friendship-rocks to share with everyone. It was a happy beginning and an excellent transition into the new school year 2020/2021.