With the first cloudy mornings rolling into LA, October is upon us!! Time has been flying by and we are happy to say that we had a fun, exciting first month of the year at Tivoli!!!

Transition is a challenging time for everyone. Whether families are joining school for the very first time or are returning after summer, there is a lot to figure out and get used to. Over the last couple of weeks we have introduced the children to our daily rhythm that structures the day and lets the children know what comes next. Being familiar with the schedule and having a sense of predictability is key in feeling comfortable and at ease.

There have been tears and moments of sadness when the parent is leaving for the first time. Sometimes it is the parent who needs a hug, to acknowledge that we understand that it is hard to leave your child for the first time. We have little rituals in place that the parents and the child can do when they come in the mornings – ritual is a supportive way to make the moment of good bye a little lighter. Giving a kiss into each hand mommy to child and child to mommy and to keep the kiss with you so you can find it when you might need it during the day, for example. Or sticking your finger from both sides through the little hole in the gate makes letting go a much easier transition.

We believe that forming trust through sensible activities is the foundation of any successful relationship. Giving the children the time to process their feelings is one of the most important values we practice here at Tivoli. AND we want the children to feel supported, from establishing soothing diaper change routines to helping setting the lunch tables.