TIVOLI RAINBOW GARDEN PRESCHOOL was born out of a need for a bilingual (German/English) preschool program with a caring, gentle, and non-judgmental approach to raise and educate children.

In 2008, Ilka Sternberger created an immersion program for families who were looking for a home-like environment with a developmental, whole-child curriculum.  Her vision was to create a platform for German-speaking families to sustain their heritage within the next generation by teaching their children the German language and culture in a playful environment. And she successfully established her vision. She celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her Kindergarten last year.                                           

Our program is also open for bilingual families, who want their children to learn the German language while being guided by the Waldorf philosophy, mindfulness and compassionate communication. 

Tivoli Rainbow Garden Preschool is located in beautiful Culver City, centrally located. 

Our belief is:
A child is born into a family and can only grow if it feels safe, connected and nurtured. Therefore, we made it our mission to nurture the child and the family life in our community.



We are excited to continue our outdoor Waldorf curriculum and are looking forward to welcoming the children with love and care. 

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Quick News:

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Tivoli will be holding a diversity workshop.

At Tivoli the philosophy is to be mindful, compassionate, caring and non-judgmental in order for all children to feel safe and connected.

What do these values mean from a diversity perspective? We’ll explore the essence of diversity – our own identity.


















Ilka got featured in the June issue of California Germans!! Check out her interview with Cornelia Bartels!  https://californiagermans.com/ilka-sternberger-and-her-tivoli-rainbow-garden-preschool-celebrate-10th-anniversary/ 









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