Full-time Program
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 3.30pm 


Part-time Program
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 1.00pm


Mama & Ich / Mommy & Me
Wednesday afternoons, 0-14months

Unterstützung, singen deutscher Kinderlieder, Informationen für die neue Mama und ihre Familie


Spiel- & Krabbelgruppe / Toddler Group  
Wednesday afternoons, 14-30 months

Singen, Tanz, Fingerspiele und lustige Projekte für das Kleinkind


Tivoli Youngsters
Wednesday afternoons, 2-year olds

Vorbereitung für den Einstieg in unser Kindergartenprogramm

Parent Education 
We offer parent education workshops and lectures throughout the year. Topics and speakers change depending on the specific demands of the current classroom. Some professionals that we have closely collaborated with in the past are:
– Chrys Massey-Rhodes, ‘I am interested in my body parts’

– Tracy Roberts, ‘The Effect of Screens on the Young Brain’

– Gail MacManus, ‘Compassionate Communication’

– Barbara Ollinger, ‘Limit-Setting and Conflict Resolution with your Child’



‘The 4 foundational senses of early childhood’ by Ilka Sternberger
























• ABC program in German and English, for the 5 year-olds