As the school year is slowly coming to a close, we hosted our last parenting workshop before the summer break: “Feelings and mindful limit-setting“. Uff- that‘s quite a big one!

Chrys Masey Rhodes, our in-house consultant, was there to help guide us through the topic. As typically her style, Chrys made room for everyone to chip in with their own questions, comments, and experiences. Jumping from one situation to the next, we covered quite a bit: the importance of validating feelings, setting boundaries within the perimeters of what we are comfortable with, and honoring the children’s focus on their play are just a couple of examples. The parents were very involved and happy to receive information on how to handle challenging interactions with their children.

Thank you so much to everyone who came! It is invaluable to have such an open and supportive community here at Tivoli! And of course thank you to Chrys for breaking down such a complex topic in such a relatable way!