To honor our Tivoli Mamas the children backed cakes, made kale salad, pressed oranges for Mimosas and served tea. The Mamas were so excited to be spoiled by their children. They also learned a beautiful Mother’s day verse, made flower pots and decorated stone hearts. We are all grateful to have our Mamas around to celebrate.


We had a wonderful Easter celebration this year at the new location. Everyone was involved even the Mamas and Papas were joining in the egg walk and loved the  reverential feeling at the puppet theater show called ” Der Ostermond”. We had a magical easter bunny come and visit to lay special treats in the children’s handmade/grown spring baskets. Even the eggs, from our chickens Bobbie and Frida,  got painted and placed in the baskets for the children. It was truly a beautiful surprise for everyone and we had so much fun!


A fun day visiting an amazing rescue program in Santa Clarita: The Gentlebarn                                                                                                                        https://www.gentlebarn.org

The Tivoli comunity had an educational day meeting the animals despite the rain.



Fashing is a tradition where we are pushing out the dark winter days and grim winter spirits. Welcoming spring time with happy costumes, masks, yummy food and dancing.


Oh what a lovely week of sharing love and caring for each other.

Our Valentines celebration here at Tivoli was super sweet and heartwarming. The children brought wonderful cards and happily shared them with everyone. They went home with a full bag of love cards. Thank you for the special, yummy Valentines treats that the parents brought. We all loved it. Since it was raining we took our umbrellas and went to bring treats to the neighbors as well. They were happy to receive a Valentine form us.


The Hand in Hand workshop last Thursday was a great way to hear about many issues parents have. Susan Derby a Certified Instructor, trained by Hand in Hand, holding a Master of Social Work and a B.A. in psychology, offered a framework for understanding further the emotional lives of preschoolers and provided specific strategies that parents can use at home to strengthen connectedness and emotional well-being within the family.
She gave us an overview of the hand in hand approach and she answered many questions:
1. How to handle children who wine and fuss all the time
2. What to do when spouses cannot say no and don’t set boundaries,
3. Setting boundaries and the importance of them
4. Creating a safe zone for our kids to release their emotional stress
5. The importance of special time

Hand in hand is a platform build by Patty Wipfler : here is a link for your information: https://www.handinhandparenting.org/article/overview/


Happy new year! Its Winter time in LA and in many countries around the world. Its the time to go inward and reflect, keep warm and safe what is growing inside of you and mother earth is doing the same. King Winter brings rain and snow and the cold Northwind is blowing even in LA. The nights are colder and the days a crisp and we are awating the cool rain to drop on out thirsty land. Be patient with your self and enjoy the quiet that the long nights are bringing, for springtime will be much different.


Tivoli moved! We relocated our beautiful school from our Los Angeles location to Santa Monica. The children and the community were hands-on helping the process. As a goodbye ritual each child picked one special item to bring to our new location. Once there, they each found a place for their item to welcome the new site.

Now it’s time to explore the new location!!!


We started off the season of light and warmth with our Lanternwalk celebration. The children acted out the St. Martin’s play, a story of empathy and selfless giving. Afterward we lit up our self-crafted lanterns and went for a walk through the neighborhood to bring our light into the darkness. The evening finished with us all enjoying some yummy Weckmänner.

We now look forward to starting the magical time of Advent, lighting the four candles of the advent wreath in anticipation of Christmas, and celebrating all the beautiful festivals of light presented in our community.


It was a magical night, once again, when the Queen of Fairies came to visit the children and enchanted us with her magic, sparkle, and story. Thank you for letting Ilka guide you into the enchanted story land and for keeping the magic and wonder alive for the children.

It is a big event to get ready for but all worth it when we see the glow in the children’s eyes. Thank you to all the helpers who made the magic happen, we could not have done it without your support! Special thanks to our volunteers who helped decorate and for the orchestra’s beautiful accompaniment.

Also, a giant thank you to our Room Mom for organizing the potluck and to all of you for cooking and baking. The food was so delicious with all the wonderful fall dishes!!!
Yummy, Yummy……Lecker, lecker……..